Earth, Water, Fire or Air
Take this two-minute quiz to find out how to amplify your abundance by working with your elemental archetype!


Kacie Aileen Knight

Elevate Your Business & Beingness

Creating Sustainable Abundance
for Visionary Women
& Light Leaders

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activate your voice to harness the power of creation
amplify your magnetism
Access the field of abundance
start co-creating with All of creation
align with your highest timeline
remember who you really are
~Create a business & LIFE that light you up~

Earth, Water, Fire or Air
Take this two-minute quiz to find out how to amplify your abundance by working with your elemental archetype!


This audio will align body, mind and soul, 
drain away everything that you are ready to leave behind 
and bring in liquid diamond and gold light of your soul 
to amplify your joy, abundance, peace, love and prosperity 
so you can embody the New Earth energy NOW!


Do we share this vision for your life and the world?

It’s bright, shiny and full of love!

It’s full of abundance, prosperity, peace, freedom and fun. 

You remember how powerful and magical you are.  

You trust your intuition and you use your unique gifts in ways that create abundance and prosperity for you and for all!

That’s the world I live in, and it’s magical AF. 

Creations happen with grace, ease, flow and a luminous, expansive playful energy.

You are here now because you are ready to step into the next level as a conscious creator of your reality. 

You are ready to ascend to the next octave of your existence, to use your voice to speak the truth and share your magic with the world!

Using my signature system, Evolutionary Alchemy
we can transform everything that has happened to you into the catalyst for you to align body, mind and soul!

You can activate a deeper connection with your highest self and embody your creator consciousness so that you can remember who you really are  & the power you hold!

It's time to manifest and create the vision you hold for your life and the world. 

I have  lot of tools in my toolkit- 
I am a teaching artist, healer, speaker, author and intuitive counselor.
I am  a reiki master, Belief Re-patterning practitioner, ascension doula, creation coach and soul embodiment guide. 

But honestly most of my work is simply opening up as a channel for your higher self to come through, and I hold the space for the meditations, activations, breakdowns and breakthroughs that come directly through from your soul to you!

I created The Radiant Evolution Academy  to support you with digital courses, so you can learn how activate your voice and become a conscious creator of your reality and even build your own spiritual business with my certification program!



Become a Creation Coach & Transformational Workshop Facilitator
Learn how to build your own Spiritual Academy! 

Create EPIC Transformations 
for your clients
by aligning them with the 
power of the Earth
& elemental forces of creation!

Create more money, time, freedom & IMPACT 
with your own business!


Co-Author of the bLUTalks Best-Selling Book:


Volumes 1 & 5


I have been able to energetically call in more abundance in all forms- connections, relationships, opportunities, money, impact in BIGGER WAYS AND QUICKLY!!!

Rosalyn Fung, Intuitive Mindset & Visionary Business Coach
Working with Aurora activated me on a whole new level and was an opportunity to go even deeper within myself to connect with my multidimensionality. It was such a profound experience for me.

It helped me to activate my own Light Language and use it in my life to clear blocks that I have within myself, and while I'm working with clients to assist them with clearing and activating their voice. It's been a powerful experience. I’ve attracted more in my life and I feel like I'm now speaking to my soulmate clients. I have more clarity on who they are and I feel totally comfortable with my message.

Carolyn Yakopich, 
Divine Embodiment and Kundalini Activation Coach
Working with you was the greatest gift I have EVER given myself!!!

(Plus I made my investment back in 2 months!)
Linda Bao, Registered Social Worker, 
Owner Of Linda Bao Counseling Services

I am not here to teach you. I just reflect your own light back to you, and remind you of what it is you already know! I love to play in the higher realms and anchor it back into this now.

Kacie Aileen Knight (Aurora Light)

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I invite you to fill out the application below, so we can make the most of our time together.  The Evolutionary Alchemy Soul Alignment Call will ignite the spark of creating magic in your life.

A 14 Week Ceremonial Initiation to Align with the Elemental Forces of Creation

Calling all Light workers, Empaths, Healers
Ready to Activate The Superpower of their LIGHT!

Conscious Visionary Leaders of Tomorrow, Learn How to Play in the 
 New Earth Realms today, and Dance Your Dreams Into Being

Collapse Time and bring your creations into form with ease are on a SOUL MISSION. have BIG Dreams, for yourself and for Humanity! can feel that this is the time we have been waiting for, training for. can feel the shift in consciousness on the planet, and you are here to HELP! To ANCHOR in the HIGHEST LIGHT!

But, maybe you’re not sure how?

How do you make the biggest impact?

How do you create the life of your dreams, while co-creating a brand NEW Earth Reality?

Maybe you have spiritual gifts that you have been hiding from the world.

You have been afraid to shine your light.

Share your gifts,

Create the life of your dreams.  

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