Joy Alchemist & Soul Embodiment Guide

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Embody your soul, live in states of orgasmic bliss, and activate your alchemical potential so you can collapse time and space to manifest your creation potential in the NOW. 


This audio will align body, mind and soul, 
drain away everything that you are ready to leave behind 
and bring in liquid diamond and gold light of your soul 
to amplify your joy, abundance, peace, love and prosperity 
so you can embody the New Earth energy NOW!


I am overjoyed that you’ve found me! If you’re reading this, we share a soul mission. You’re here to light up this planet, even if you don’t know how! So thank you for being here, and for anchoring your light!

I am so passionate about empowering the conscious visionary leaders of tomorrow to activate their spiritual gifts, awaken to their infinite creation potential, collapse time and space and bring in the New Earth NOW! 

You have a vision for your life and this world. It’s bright, shiny and full of love. It’s full of abundance, prosperity, peace, freedom and fun!

That’s the world I live in, and it’s magical AF. 

Creations happen with grace, ease, flow and a luminous, expansive playful energy.

I am also amazing at holding space for your epic transformations and to support you in taking a leap in your soul’s evolution.

I call myself a Joy Alchemist and Soul Embodiment Guide, because I love to transform lead into gold; turning everything that has happened to you into the catalyst for you to align body, mind and soul and embody your creator consciousness. 

I have a zillion tools in my pocket because I am obsessed with learning, and I have drawn from many of them to create my Joyful Alchemy Signature System. I’ve trained as an Ascension Doula, Creation Coach, Alchemical Creation Priestess, Belief Re-patterning Practitioner and more.

Some of those come out to play, but most of my work is simply opening up as a channel for your higher self to come through, and I simply hold the space for the meditations, activations, breakdowns and breakthroughs that come directly through the open conduit.

I am not here to teach you. I just reflect your own light back to you, and remind you of what it is you already know! I love to play in the higher realms and anchor it back into this now. I can support you in creating space, and collapsing time to bring your future self into this moment. It’s going to happen anyway, so the only question is: how much fun can we have along the way?


Co-Author of the bLUTalks Best-Selling Book:



I have been able to energetically call in more abundance in all forms- connections, relationships, opportunities, money, impact in BIGGER WAYS AND QUICKLY!!!

Rosalyn Fung, Intuitive Mindset & Visionary Business Coach
I experienced a lightness of being as I let go of dense energies and old patterns and beliefs that no longer served me and stepped into the clarity of my birthright and the joy available to me as I created my beliefs to support me to be who I truly am. I feel uplifted, spiritually rejuvenated, and joyfully centred in myself after completing Aurora Light’s latest course offering.
Tara Whittaker - Sound Healer, Breathwork Practitioner & Belief Specialist
The session was so wonderful! It was gentle and spiritual, and filled with so much love. I felt so much of that rushing spiritual energy of confirmation energy coming I think I spent the better part of the session in goosebumps - always a great sign! I left feeling lighter and even my voice had gained strength, so the throat chakra sure was happy!

Ian Sheldon, Artist and Healer, Owner of HeART Space in Jasper, AB


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I am not here to teach you. I just reflect your own light back to you, and remind you of what it is you already know! I love to play in the higher realms and anchor it back into this now.

Aurora Light

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A 14 Week Ceremonial Initiation to Align with the Elemental Forces of Creation

Calling all Light workers, Empaths, Healers
Ready to Activate The Superpower of their LIGHT!

Conscious Visionary Leaders of Tomorrow, Learn How to Play in the 
 New Earth Realms today, and Dance Your Dreams Into Being

Collapse Time and bring your creations into form with ease

...you are on a SOUL MISSION.

...you have BIG Dreams, for yourself and for Humanity!

...you can feel that this is the time we have been waiting for, training for.

...you can feel the shift in consciousness on the planet, and you are here to HELP! To ANCHOR in the HIGHEST LIGHT!

But, maybe you’re not sure how?

How do you make the biggest impact?

How do you create the life of your dreams, while co-creating a brand NEW Earth Reality?

Maybe you have spiritual gifts that you have been hiding from the world.

You have been afraid to shine your light.

Share your gifts,

Create the life of your dreams.  

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