Kacie Aileen Knight

Concious Creation & Voice Activation Coach 
~ Ascension Alchemist For Visionary Women~

It's time for the wayshowers, lightworkers, mystics, starseeds and conscious visionary leaders of tomorrow to connect to their own divine authority!

We have been looking outside of ourselves for answers for FAR TOO LONG!

We look to other coaches, teachers, experts, gurus for their expertise. 

We try on their way of doing things, 
and it just doesn't feel quite right. 

That's because YOU have your own unique design, 
soul essence and way to express yourself. 


It's time to align with your highest self, 
which is a part of you beyond space and time, 
that can SEE the WHOLE PICTURE. 

When you connect with this visionary aspect of yourself, you will always know the next right thing to do. 

If you are reading this, 
You know it's time to access more of your own wisdom, and expand into the next level of your 

You are ready to let go of what it no longer working, and bring in the new codes that will shift you into this next octave of your business and your beingness. 

It's time To REBIRTH yourself and in doing so, 
help to Co-create a NEW PARADIGM on Earth
where you listen to your inner wisdom above all. 


What would change for you if you had an express hotline to the universe?

What if your intuition expanded so that you could FEEL if you were headed in the right direction? 

What would you create if you knew you could not fail?

Who would you be? 


Yes I cannot help but write in caps because I am SO OVERJOYED AND GRATEFUL for what she has co-created with me in AMPLIFYING my ability to channel messages from my Spirit Guides, understand my Light Language on a deeper level to IMPLEMENT in my work as a Visionary Business Coach specializing in Client Attraction & Soulful Sales! 

I have been able to energetically call in more abundance in all forms- connections, relationships, opportunities, money, impact in BIGGER WAYS AND QUICKLY!!! 

I did not expect how quick the shifts occur!! DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR, level up your spiritual gifts by investing in working with Aurora. This is absolutely one of my most joyful investments ever (and I invest in A LOT) of personal development and professional development)! Never have I experienced such energetic shifts that bring me to understand and connect with my soul even more.

Rosalyn Fung, Intuitive Mindset & Visionary Business Coach

What if I told you that your "wierd" is actually your superpower?!!!

Instead of fearing your spiritual gifts, & unique essence expression, it's time to lean into them.
Instead of running away, it's time to run towards.
Instead of keeping them bottled up, it's time to pop the cork and celebrate all of who you are!

Your spiritual superpowers are what will bring about the life and business you desire, and require, to fulfill on your soul's mission, to light up this world!

When you live and work from your own divine authority...
everything becomes clear,
everything becomes more joyful,
and everything becomes magnificent!

The time is NOW to step into your full power, and make your impact!

As a Concious Creation and Voice Activation Coach, 
I am here to to empower you to turn your spirtual gifts and unique soul essence into your superpowers so that you can create a business (and life) that is abundant and in flow with your cosmic trajectory.

I want to show how to tap into the universal loop of creation, so that you can express yourself from your own divine authority, using your voice to co-create with your highest self.

When you can express yourself and fill your own cup, you can tap into the shiniest version of you!

From this place, you get into the frequency of what you want to attract in life and business.

This is how to use the law of attraction to its full potential.

Many soulpreneurs and visionary leaders are missing this key ingredient in their law of attraction efforts.

I want to show you what this missing piece is, so you can easily and effortlessly attract what you want...

and most importantly, so you can GIVE from a place of overflowing joyful service.

From a place where the cup never runs dry.

"The greatest gift I have ever given myself was working with you!"

Working one-on-one with Aurora in her Joy Evolution Coaching Program was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself. Even though my soul was screaming “yes,” I recall feeling a bit anxious to commit to the program because of the financial investment and the unpredictability of being in the middle of a pandemic. But I had the trust that because I was investing in myself that I would make all of the money back and more. It was only a few months after that I made back all of the money that I had invested into the program and my business was generating the most income it ever had! The 6 months that I worked with Aurora were some of the most transformational months of my life. We met all of the goals that I set out to achieve and SO much more! Aurora helped me to activate and strengthen my intuitive gifts, gain clarity on my soul purpose, and she helped me shed layers of old patterns and beliefs that were keeping me from stepping into my fullest potential. Our time together was deeply healing and profound. I never felt so seen, heard, and held. Aurora was an absolute delight to work with and I am forever grateful to her. Thank you, Aurora.

Linda Bao, Registered Social Worker, Owner of Linda Bao Counselling Services

It's time for you to speak confidently and authentically from your soul!

Can you feel how powerful it is to be able speak your spiritual truth with no reservations, and be able to serve your clients from this joyful place? 

It's magnetizing and magnificent! 

Your soulmate clients will be drawn into your orbit.

You will be a perfect vibrational match and be able to serve them like never before!

As a soulpreneur, when you are aligned with your multi-dimensional self, sound and light frequency... 

When you can tune in, speak, and create from your authentic self - then the people who need to find your programs will be attracted to you because they FEEL it, and they’ll receive so much more from you, in an effortless way!

By encoding your light frequency into your work, you will achieve consistent results with your clients.

This is because you will be working with the unified field, where you can create magical results!

Don't you want your clients to experience their own magic?

Your soul frequency and sacred geometry have a very specific resonance. When you can learn to infuse that resonance with your intention, you then light encode everything you create in the world.

Your coaching sessions, your marketing, your writing and speaking will all be infused with YOUR energy!

So whoever receives that piece of work form you - will receive your unique soul transmission.

My unique coaching process will support you to achieve this result.

“I was drawn to Kacie  when I heard her Light Language. In that moment I felt a soul resonance. I was magnetically drawn to her. I knew I was meant to work with her.
I've been on a spiritual path, traveling the world, studying and training over the last two decades. While we were on lockdown during the pandemic I felt stuck in my business. I reached out to Kacie to begin working with her one-on-one.
Working with her activated me on a whole new level and was an opportunity to go even deeper within myself to connect with my multidimensionality. It was such a profound experience for me.

It helped me to activate my own Light Language and use it in my life to clear blocks that I have within myself, and while I'm working with clients to assist them with clearing and activating their voice. It's been a powerful experience. I’ve attracted more in my life and I feel like I'm now speaking to my soulmate clients. I have more clarity on who they are and I feel totally comfortable with my message.
Thank you Aurora. You are amazing!”

Carolyn Yakopich, Divine Embodiment and Kundalini Activation Coach

The Evolutionary Alchemy Signature System

I am so excited to tell you about my signature coaching system, founded on 3 Pillars:

Pillar 1: Transform

Transform the density- Limiting beliefs, program, habits that are holding you back from stepping into your full power and expression

Pillar 2: Activate

Activate your super powers by aligning body, mind, and soul with your highest self and connect with your intuition at a deeper level of trust. Connect with all of Creation!

Pillar 3: Embody

Embody the highest version of yourself by speaking your truth and embracing your unique soul frequency through your creative expression in the world.

What you can expect...

You can expect to take a  leap forward in your ability to create and manifest for your life and business as you consciously play with the frequency and harmonic magic, and the power of words to fine tune your reality.

You will be able to gracefully let go of old stories and patterns that no longer serve you to make space for all of your new creations. 

As you align yourself with the fullness of who you really are, and more confidently speak from your own divine authority, your frequency will call in those who resonate so fully with your work and your service that you will more easily attract your soulmate clients.


 You will also be able to serve those that you call in so much more joyfully, from this place of truth and lightness. 

You will also come to a place where you can trust your intuition fully, and you can easily and joyfully make decisions that are aligned with your highest potential rather than fear. 

You will level up your abundance and creative self expression. 

You will level up your self care into ecstatic radiance, as a way of honoring your divinity and unleashing your true potential! 

You will co-create in magnificent collaboration with the universe, in a dance of orgasmic bliss

More fully, you will come to know yourself, love yourself, love your life and shine your light to light up this planet and fulfil your soul mission of ecstatic remembrance of who you are, fractal of the infinite creator, playing in your form.

Evolutionary Alchemy Soul Alignment Call

I want to invite you to experience what it could be like to work from the quantum level.

During a complimentary Evolutionary Alchemy Soul Alignment call, we will see if working together would be your next right step in amplifying your business and life. 
I am here to support those who are ready to step into greater personal responsiblity,integrity and alignment so that they can create massive impact by being the change they wish to see in the world. 

You are limited to your success and enjoyment of life by your conscious and unconscious belief systems. Life responds to what you are thinking, and will bring you exactly what you expect!

You are basically in a Choose Your Own Adventure scenario, where your mindset and perspective shape your reality.

Let's activate the superpower of your infinite light!

“Kacie is incredible at creating powerful containers for healing and transformation. Her intuition leads directly to the heart of the matter and with all the tools in her belt, she is able to blend them all for a perfect mix of exactly what is needed in the moment.

I would highly recommend one on one sessions with her. I've done two sessions so far and they have left me in a state of ecstatic bliss! They have quickly transformed limiting beliefs on a cellular level, and the changes seem permanent. The changes that ripple out of these sessions are indescribable. I can't wait to play with these techniques in future sessions with Kacie, because life is pretty great already, but it can always be better!

– Nicole Rose, Creator of Radiant Soul Retreats

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